Suzanne & Stephen

What a couple of days I spent with these two lovely friends. Their wedding was a true reflection of a perfect traditional wedding. Therefore, they invited heaps of guests, had a church ceremony and a huge party.

We even continued the adventure a few days later by shooting the couple session at Lake Balaton. First, we headed to the harbour, fishing for golden light. They were amazingly not even hesitant when I asked them to jump into a boat and paddle out to open water.

The fun part was, as it turned out, that Stephen had no idea how to navigate with the paddles. So we all burst into laughter. They spent 10 minutes just rowing in circles. Suzy was trying to give directions to Stephen, who was in tears of laughter and could not even concentrate. 😀  That is what I call devotion and partners for life. As soon as they found their way back to solid ground, Stephen grabbed their bikes as that was his real thing. 🙂

It truly was an absolute blast. And I`ve just learned that it does not matter if you are not a sailor, patience, laughter and unconditional love can help you row in the same direction in life.



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